Sheriden Williams

Sheriden Williams is a singer-songwriter and musician born and raised in Louisville, Ky. His formal introduction to the music industry was initiated through the release of his single "Have Faith" on July 11, 2014 which is also his natural birthday.


From an early age, Sheriden was always told there was a greater purpose to his passion for music. Learning piano/organ in church at a young age, his passion for music grew more and more. Sheriden was introduced to production by way of a computer program given to him in college. This allowed him to see the limitless possibilities of a then unfamiliar facet of music. He composed his first song “Call Upon the Lord” at age 15, which appeared on the Bates Memorial Mass Choir debut album King Of Glory in 2012. Evolving musically, ranging from Gospel to contemporary/Neo-soul to Electronic and with many musical influences, Sheriden has developed a signature sound that is especially unique to gospel music. He released his first album titled "Love Never Fails" September 5th 2014, and remains optimistic about expanding his message.




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Love Never Fails

by Sheriden Williams

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